You may have heard that eating raw pork is something that could make you sick. You may have even heard the word trichinosis, which is the disease caused by eating raw or undercooked meat infected with the larvae of a parasitic worm. So, we've provided some facts to help bust the myth that eating raw pork is bad.


Trichinosis ONLY occurs in animals that have eaten scraps of meat containing trichinella Spiralis.


Our pigs are fed a diet of ONLY organic fruits, grains, and vegetables. We NEVER feed our pigs animal products.


We control the entire process, from our farm, to our processor, to the cryovack packaging of all our products. Every step is carefully monitored and temperature controlled, in order to ensure our meat is ALWAYS pure, fresh, and 100% SAFE to eat, even in the raw.



So, now that you know the facts, we would like to recommend our Mangalitsa tartare! It offers the perfect balance of tender texture, mixed with buttery (unsaturated) fat. You can even add some spices and extra virgin olive oil for a fruity note. Tasting Mangalitsa in the raw is a truly opulent, some might even say, porkgasmic experience.