Try Mangalitsa

As Sashimi, Crudo & Tartare

The widest range and highest fidelity of flavors are possible with thinly sliced, finely chopped or fresh hand ground Mangalitsa. Sashimi, Crudo & Tartare offer the most exquisite flavor experience. Mangalitsa steaks and chops reveal the height of their flavor and tenderness when served medium rare.

With Mangalitsa, gone are the days of heeding our grandparents’ warnings to overcook chops and tenderloins to medium or well done, thus destroying the flavor of the meat. In those days, pigs were “slopped” or given feed of questionable constitution. Overcooking was required to insure food safety.

We want you to enjoy yourself. This means that Food Safety and Freshness are our highest priorities. Mangalitsa are raised in comfortable, controlled environments with maximal attention given to animal welfare and feed sources. Our entire farm to table process protects the health of our animals and makes enjoying Mangalitsa more fun and delicious.

100% Pure Genetics

Pure, Royal, Original, Old World Mangalitsa genetics means that American Mangalitsa inherently create meat with high PH levels which naturally defeat bacteria and monounsaturated fats that can be enjoyed like the first cold pressing of olive oil.

Plant Based Diet

American Mangalitsa are fed a carefully curated, estate grown, 100% Plant Based Diet. This creates clean protein, free of questionable feed sources thus creating maximal food safety. Our plant based diet ensures that we maintain nutritional purity on the farm.

State of The Art Packaging

For Maximum Freshness & Flavor All Mangalitsa must undergo and pass rigorous USDA inspection which ensures the cleanliness of the meat and its suitability for consumption. We use the best packaging available to insure maximum freshness, flavor, and food safety.