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Møsefund Farm is situated on rolling pasture surrounded by New Jersey State Forest 70 miles outside of New York City.  Mangalitsa by Møsefund hogs are raised on pasture in deeply-bedded comfortable barns and are free to spend a large part of their time roaming the area, eating natural vegetables, nuts and berries, and rooting for other goodies.  The unique wooly coat of the Mangalitsa make them extremely hearty.

Adventurous and herding animals, they love to explore outdoors most seasons of the year.

Our Mangalitsa are raised without beta-agonists or hormones, are antibiotic free, contain no trans-fat, and are fed a natural diet.  Their lifestyle and diet, and the fact that they are raised for 15 months to achieve the perfect ratio of fat to muscle, gives our pork the incredible flavor, creamy marbling, and dark red color that have made them famous.


  •  The average life of Møsefund Mangalitsa is 15 months compared to 5 months for commodity pigs.
  • Animals are fed a custom diet and then finished on a barley-based diet for superior marbling and maximum flavor.
  • All animals are processed in the U.S. at USDA certified facilities by Mangalitsa by Møsefund Farm.
  • Møsefund proudly raises only 100% certified Mangalitsa.