For over 180 years, Mangalitsa has been a hidden gem, a secret closely guarded by the Royal House of Hapsburg who created the breed. Sought after for its burgundy red meat, voluminous ribbons of silky white marbling and decadent, authentic flavors, this breed alone stands above and apart from all others because Mangalitsa delivers instant umami provided by its own heart healthy, monounsaturated fat containing a full spectrum of Omega fatty acids that are naturally free of trans fats. This is how pork was meant to taste.
American Mangalitsa is raised from this Royal Stock. In 2009, our founder, G. Chris Andersen, acquired Certified Pure, Original Old World Genetics from Europe to raise on his home farm in Branchville, New Jersey. Since that time, he has relentlessly pursued his dream of preserving the finest breed for generations to come. Focused on the highest standards of Animal Welfare, Mr. Andersen commissioned the remodeling and preservation of the Hay Barn and Ice House on County Road 565, transforming the historical property into a state of the art care facility that is now the only GAP farm in the state of New Jersey which serves as the home to pure bred Mangalitsa in North America.

Raised on estate grown feed, our Mangalitsa are cared for and curated by hand; each farmer carrying on in the spirit of our founder’s calling to ensure that Mangalitsa endures as the oldest and most original, pure royal breed in the world.