Mangalitsa meat and fat are very unique and unlike that produced by any other pig. Also, preparing Mangalitsa is different than cooking other types of pork. So, if you’re new to Mangalitsa, we’ve included some simple tips and tricks to help make you look like a chef.

TIP #1 – Take it Low & Slow!

Mangalitsa tastes best and is the most tender at medium rare. To cook Mangalitsa perfectly, bring the temperature up to rare+ ( between 125º - 128º ) and then let it rest for 3 - 5 minutes. The heat held by the fat will bring the temperature up to medium rare while preserving the flavor and tenderness.

TIP #2 – We're Making Sexy Fat.

Restaurants in Hungary will serve slices of Mangalitsa fat as a dish on its own with just a sprinkling of sea salt to add taste and texture. Because of its high content of unsaturated fat, the slices will begin to melt as you place them on your tongue, creating what some have described as a porkgasmic experience.

TIP #3 – All About the Color.

A brown crust means you've sealed in the flavors. And a red center means you've preserved the vibrant natural flavors and tenderness unique to Mangalitsa. Mangaitsa meat has a high Ph level, causing it to have a deep reddish color, which is very different from other pigs.