Mangalitsa Bacon Burger Sliders

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2 oz per slider/1 lb package

Voted "Best Burger On The Strip" at BRGR by Gordon Ramsay, the Mangalitsa Bacon Burger has become the go to choice for top chefs looking for the juiciest and most flavorful burger available. Coarse Ground for a steak house bite with choice cuts of well marbled 100% Pure Mangalitsa and Mangalitsa Hickory Smoked Bacon, this burger promises to become your favorite choice for top shelf flavor.

Cooking Tips

For best results serve Medium Rare. Sear on a flat top or in a pan on a medium to medium high heat and bring to rare plus. (135 – 138 degrees.)Let rest away from the heat for about half the cooking time to bring your burger to a perfect medium rare. (140 to 145 degrees) This results in moist and crispy, caramelized edges and a warm and juicy red center. Avoid high heat. For over the top flavor, serve with Mangalitsa Nduja spread.