Mangalitsa Tenderloin Value Bundle

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Weight: 2.7 - 3.2lbs
Contains: 4 Pieces per Pack

Whether you're cooking to impress, to celebrate, or to treat yourself to the very best, the Mangalitsa Tenderloin is pure tenderness. Seared and slow roasted whole to perfection or sliced into Tournados Mangalitsa, this is a delicacy reserved for very few. Fresh Mangalitsa tenderloins are unique in that they support a full complement of wine choices from the delicagte and more fruit forward to bold, heavy, and more tannic varietals. Each package includes 4 Mangalitsa Tenderloins and serves one to two guests.

Cooking Tips

Mangalitsa Tenderloins can be prepared in multiple ways but pan searing and roasting are the two most popular. Thaw and season to your liking. No cooking oils are required unless you prefer them for flavor. Pan sear on both sides until rare plus at 125 to 128 degrees. For best results, test temperature on the thin end of the tenderloin and allow to rest about half of the cooking time so that the temperature comes to medium rare. Serve whole or sliced into medallions and enjoy. Pre Heat your oven to between 325 and 350 degrees for slower roasting. Flash sear on both sides quickly to carmelize the edges and seal in flavor. Place in the oven and roast until the thin end of the tenderloin reaches between 125 to 128 degrees and allow to rest for about half of the cooking time. Serve whole or sliced into medallions and enjoy.